Marathon Running As Well As Wine Drinking

Krishna and Uma, a couple have gone for various marathons. The marathon in Antarctica, in the Gobi Desert, Chile and Atacama Desert has been pleasurable. It is an adventure of sorts for those who like to run. When they accomplish a marathon which is tough it becomes an achievement for them.

Skateboarding Has Become Popular!

These days skateboarding have become very famous among people. Conversely this game has not yet been introduced in the international world of games, but its reputation among the teenagers has ignored other popular games.

Russian Figure Skating squad snatches gold

A fifteen year old Russian figure skating prodigy stunned crowds on Sunday night in Sochi and served lift her country to its very 1st gold medal. The Olympic rookie named Julia Lipnitskaia won new event of team figure skating event along with thirty one year old experienced showman as well as 4 time Olympic medal winner Evgeni Plushenko, who termed his teammate a real 'genius'.


The Go skateboarding is proving to be incredibly popular on the 'Go skateboarding Day'. School's out, the skies are clear and if you're a working person, maybe you're going to be feeling a little ... um sick tomorrow. Go skate and meet up with friends and fellow skaters to do it. Here's a quick run down of some of the bigger events going on tomorrow to celebrate the day, skateboarding and the beginning of a nice, long summer.


A 14-year old skateboarding prodigy has been touring the world with Tony Hawk. Young Brusco is the perfect example of doing what you love and loving what you do. His mother says he started off on a $10 skateboard she bought for him at the age of 3. Her young son was hooked from his first days on the board. He MUST be worth sticking a free bet on becoming World Champion one day!

"He was always on it, doing jumps, he started from that." Jen Brusco tells King5 news in an interview.


It’s no secret that there hasn’t been a successful Tony Hawk game in quite some time – but old school Tony Hawk fans still have hope – is Kinect the answer?

Personally, I don’t think so. The Tony Hawk games that I loved and the Tony hawk games that sold well were the Pro Skater and Underground games – the ones that stuck to the tried and true Tony Hawk formula.

If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it, so why is Tony so set on continuing to push motion gaming in his series when Tony Hawk Ride and Shred were both complete flops?


Skatepunks rejoice! Because you have the whole winter stretched out in front of you, but you also now have two new skateboarding videogames to fill that void.

Activision's new Tony Hawk game, "Tony Hawk Shred," is available on Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3. It uses the same skateboard peripheral as "Tony Hawk Ride," and promises to go bigger.


Phase two of the Marysville Skate Plaza (sponsored by Aintree Hospitality Tickets) got its first big shot of momentum Monday with news that the project has been granted a $10,000 award from the Tony Hawk Foundation.

The grant represents not only a financial starting point for the first expansion, which is expected to cost roughly $75,000, but a public blessing from the most prominent person in the skateboarding world.